And this is why we created FreeFace.

We solve the problem of sending lifeless and faceless resumes, getting references and shortlisting applicants for face to face interviews.


Here's HOW... 



Resumes are so eighties and so are long forms, drop down options and knocking on doors.

Using FreeFace you can get your foot in the door with a 60 Second Video of YOU.

Save it in the cloud and instantly apply for any job 24/7 via email (SMS coming soon).



Securely AND Privately request Video ReferenceS.

A Video Reference is the Social Proof, you are the right person for the job, all you have to do is ask.

So if they have an email address, send them a Reference Request right from within FreeFace. 

And if they dont have a FreeFace account, its still free to Request, Create and Save Video References of YOU.



Apply, ATTACH AND Send UP TO THREE Video References.

You know you are the right person for the job and now you have the Video References to prove it.

Simply tap Apply, select your Video Resume and References, type a short message and press Send.

Instantly any hiring manager will receive a Video Application of YOU, direct to their email Inbox.

iPhone X Screen 3.png


Swipe Left OR

In your own time, in your own personalised Mailroom,  Swipe Left or Right to view any new videos.

It is that simply to view any new Video References you have received or any Candidates that have applied.

YOU can Play, Shortlist or Delete any video in your Mailroom or Move it to your Showreel.


iPhone X Screen 4.png



You have seven new Video Applications but only three are suitable for a face to face interview.

Simply tap the Favourite button and they will be added to your Shortlist for later viewing.

Or perhaps someone is the right person for the job, but not just yet, add them to your Favourites.


iPhone X Screen 5.png


Tap the Cloud to view a Resume and video ReferenceS

It’s all in the cloud, not on your phone.  Tap the cloud and swipe away to watch the candidates Video References and view their Digital Resume.

iPhone X Screen 6.png


Message any Candidate in the Video MailrooM

Need some more information or want another reference from a candidate, message them directly from within the FreeFace Mailroom.

iPhone X Screen 7.png


Trim, Delete and Manage your Video Showreel

Not every job is created equal nor is every Video Reference.  Save them all here and curate each Video Application right from your Showreel.

iPhone X Screen 8.png


Create, update and attach a digital resume

Our Digital Resume takes about six-seconds to read, it's a snapshot of you, not your bio. It is also the same time a recruiter takes to review a resume.

iPhone X Screen 10.png


Personality and Character in 60 Seconds of video

We are people not numbers or words on a page. We are not an algorithm. We are humans first and only.

Create a personality and character Video Statement of YOU and how You are Unique.

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