FreeFace is a secure and private mobile application for employers, jobseekers and referees to give, get and receive references using video. It is not a job board (yet) and it's definately not a referral service.

To better demonstrate what the FreeFace App can do for you, we have created a fictional story of FreeFace being used over a 7 Day period. 

Lets take a look...




Adam is six weeks away from completing his degree in Environmental Science at Charles Darwin University.  He needs to get a job.  He has written an awesome cover letter, crafted an inspiring resume, however every job wants three references. Aaahh!  

Instead of getting fustrated, he opens FreeFace on his iPhone and sends a request for a Video Character Reference to a Professor that he collaborated with on a study into Water Management in built up areas.



The Educator

Arriving at work, Professor Matthews, opens his email and sees a request from Adam to upload a Video Character Reference regarding his collaboration on the Water Management Study.  With one click, Professor Matthews records, saves and shares his first Video Character Reference with Adam.  

Instantaneoulsy, Adam receives a notification on his iPhone that a new VCR has been added to the cloud. He taps to play and saves it securely and privately to his ShowReel.



THE Employer

After three years of working weekends as a barista at his local cafe, Adam lets Nathan the cafe owner know he has started looking for work in his feild of study.  Gutted but also very excited, Nathan says “I would be happy to be referee”.

Without wasting a moment, Adam asks Nathan to record a Video Character Reference on his iPhone.  Happy to do so, Nathan whips out his phone and immediately records and shares this direct to Adams FreeFace account. Reference done.




Adam reaches out to the coach of the footy team where Adam has been team captain for two years to demonstrate his leadership qualities. Unfortunately the Coach is on holidays in Bali with his family.  

Thankfully, Coach Brown, regular checks his email and is eager to help and creates a VCR right there and then. Adam receives the VCR and realises it does not look very professional, so he ask Coach Brown to redo, this time with a shirt on.  Happy to oblige, Coach Brown records another VCR which Adam receives and saves to his VCR ShowReel.



The Job Seeker

No work, no lectures, Adam watches a TedTalk by the CEO of a Water Management company located in Melbourne.  Excited by her passion and enthusiasm for clean waterways, Adam decides that this is the kind of company he wants to work for.

After multiple recordings and edits, Adam is happy with his Video Character Statement explaining why he would like to come and work in Melbourne.

As a savvy user of Google Search, Adam locates, the CEOs email and sends her a link direct from within the FreeFace App which contains his VCS and VCR.



The "New" Employer

3,753 kilometres away, Vanessa, the CEO, checks her email whilst visiting her favourite laneway cafe in Melbourne.  She reads a brief message from Adam. Intrigued, she downloads the FreeFace App and watches Adams Video Character Statement.

Impressed, Vanessa Taps the Cloud and watches the attached Video Character References. Immediately she recognises Professor Matthews as leader in Water Management Studies. This was all the validation she required to forward Adams FreeFace profile onto her HR Manager, Amanda.  



The Hiring Manager

"Hi Amanda, An Environmental Science graduate from Charles Darwin University just sent me a link to a short video of himself AND three video references through an app called FreeFace"

Received and viewed Amanda makes an informed decision to shortlist Adam  based on his personality, character and reference.  She does this by sending a message direct from FreeFace to Adam.

Vanessa the CEO, privately receives a message also that Adam will be interviewed. Back in Darwin, Adam gets a notification that he has been shortlisted.




OK, FreeFace is not for everyone but seriously look how much time, money and effort you can save when trying to shortlist candidates for interview.

Not to mention the confidence you will have as an employer when you conduct your face-to-face interviews knowing your candidate has already been validated.

FreeFace is an innovative and disruptive solution to giving, getting and receiving references. We will build this for you in 2016.

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