FreeFace was formed in 2014, however the idea of FreeFace was just an idea, a hobby for a stay at home dad of two.  This stay at home dad is Grant Johnston, a designer and restaurateur of 22 years.

In January 2016, Grant made the decision to validate the idea and after four months of interviews and conversations with hundreds of small business owners and job seekers, it became blindingly clear that the hiring process was still broken for anyone wanting to apply for work in hospitality, tourism or retail.

Lifeless and faceless resumes were filling the inboxes of time poor and cash strapped small business owners with no easy way to decide who should be shortlisted for an interview, nor was there a simple and effective way to complete a reference check.

With a vision and a sharp learning curve ahead of him, Grant created a prototype and a meeting was booked with Chris Byrnes, the Managing Director of Klyp, a front line digital agency that specializes in app development.

As a small business owner Chris himself he saw the value of FreeFace and the problem it was solving.  Later that year, a partnership was formed and Chris became the technical lead of FreeFace and Klyp was contracted to complete the development of the IOS and Android applications.

Fast-forward to February 2018, FreeFace was launched on the App Store and Google Play and as simple as it sounds, FreeFace is References Made with Video.

So if you have any other questions, comments, feedback or feature requests you would like to see in our next release, then please click the link below:

Thank You

- The FreeFace Team



"Noli nothi permittere te terere"


This is Latin and is the correct way of saying "Never let the bastards wear you down". If you have ever been in business you will know exactly what we mean.

Business is hard, starting a business is a daily grind, no salary, long lonely hours, money going out the door, every decision is yours to make but hey you are living the dream, right?

Not only that you are time poor and the last thing you need right now is to waste time shortlisting and validating candidates for face-to-face interviews.  It is for this very reason we decided to design and build FreeFace as we know and understand your pain.

  Grant Johnston - Founder and Designer FreeFace Pty Ltd.

Grant Johnston - Founder and Designer FreeFace Pty Ltd.


This is a real picture of me, Grant Johnston, no photoshop (apart from making it B&W) and thankfully this is not my first rodeo into Business.  

Anyway here are 5 apps that have helped me with the grind of  creating a startup because it is not all unicorns and fairy dust.
Mindfulness and mediation exercises for calming the anxiety of being in business.
Healthy body, healthy mind, the seven minute workout, twice a day to keeps me focused.
Reading, well listening, walking, running.  How good are audio books.
More productive than You Tube and you will never get frustrated you can't do something.
Listener supported radio with over 31 stations mixed by real DJs not an algorithm!



 Yeah, this is me testing FreeFace at Beach.