PROBLEM - Who do you chose?

Hospitality and retail are tough industries, long hours, competition, regularly increasing costs and your customers want more and more bang for their buck.  Add to this new businesses opening every day, it's not just more choice for your customers, it is also more choice for your staff and where they chose to work.

As a designer, and restauratuer in the hospitality industry of over 15 years, Grant Johnston, saw a huge problem with the way in which people were shortlisting and validating candidates.

Employing over 160 staff across five unique venues from 2005 to 2012 there was a constant demand for both front and back-of-house staff. There was also constant supply of resumes being supplied by jobseekers seeking part-time work.


SOLUTION - Technology in your hand

Thankfully it was 2010, iPhone 4 was released with a front-facing camera and after a series of epic interview fails, we aksed “why can’t we shortlist candidates for interviews using FaceTime”.

Unfortunately most people did not have any type of smartphone, let alone one a front-facing camera, nor did they have enough data or network speed to complete a video call. It was very clear to us that this was a great solution to a big problem. We just had to wait.


BENEFIT - cost, time, effort saved

Fast forward to 2016, eveything has changed except we are still shortlisting based on life-less and face-less resumes.  Reference checks are still being done over the phone or via email and being left until after the time of hire or not at all.

Lets not forget those "Buzzwords" that seem to infiltrate every cover letter you every receive like motivated, enthusiastic and our favourite passionate.  Of course you want all those in someone you are about to employ but WHO ARE YOU. 

FreeFace is not just of benefit to the hospitality or retail industries as it allows any employer to shortlist and validate a candidate based on there personality, character and references upfront prior to sitting down face-to-face.




This is me, I am real, I have a real family, I am working out of my garage, and yeah I am bootstrapping FreeFace, well to begin with that is.  

I have been bootstrapping FreeFace for five months. Everything that has been created thus far, including this website, the prototype, thre is completed in house, well in my garage on my iMac with some listener supported radio from the guys at SomaFM in the San Francisco.

I am not foolish and think that I can do everything on my own, and that is why we are  obtaining prices to deliver a world class app. Unfortunately world class does not come cheap and that is where you come in.

I have talked to many small business owners in retail and hospitality about FreeFace since January 2016 and I have made a pledge to myself and my family to take FreeFace from being and idea to an app but I need your help and that is why I ask you to Pledge your Support for FreeFace at the bottom of this page.

Grant Johnston - Founder at FreeFace Pty Ltd.

Grant Johnston - Founder at FreeFace Pty Ltd.


"Noli nothi permittere te terere"


It is the correct way of saying in latin "Never let the bastards wear you down" and if you have ever been in business you will know exactly what we mean.  Business is hard, starting a business is a daily grind, no salary, long lonely hours, money going out the door, every decision is yours to make but hey you are living the dream, right?

Thankfully this is not my first rodeo, here are 5 apps that help me with the grind.
Mindfulness and mediation exercises for calming the anxiety of being in business.
Healthy body, healthy mind, the seven minute workout, twice a day to keeps me focused.
Reading, well listening, walking, running.  How good are audio books.
More productive than You Tube and you will never get frustrated you can't do something.
Listener supported radio with over 33 stations mixed by real DJs not an algorithm!




Well almost, there is one thing you could do and that is Pledge Your Ssupport for the idea that is FreeFace, so that we can obtain the validation we need, before spending large amounts of coin developing the app. Yeah, world class don't come cheap.

It may be pushing the friendship but if you know someone looking for work, someone who is about to graduate or small business owner thats needs cost effective to solution to there shortlisting nightmare, then please share our URL with them via email and let them know a solution is on its way.

In case you are wondering that is me in using FreeFace below. No beard, No sunnies.

Pledge. Share. Support.