“Written references are so 80's, why can’t I just click a button and be done”


Back in the 80's or even yesterday, you had to sit down at a computer, open up Microsoft Word, draft a letter, print it out on ‘company’ letterhead, sign it, scan it and attach it as a PDF to an email, only to have it bounce back because there Inbox was to full. 

Whats wrong with this picture? It's so yesterday.


The Reference Has Not Evolved!


If the reference was a mode of transport in todays world of technology, it would be a horse and cart, instead it should be a Tesla Model 3.

Why has it not eveloved, we think it has something to do with the time and effort that goes into giving, getting or receiving a reference. Not to mention the phone tag between you, the prospective employer and even your students.


Are you not a credible reference?

Of course you are.  As an educator, you probably know more about your students then mum or dad, well at least in a professional sense and thats what employers want.

You understand that every student has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, some good, some bad, it does not matter.  What matters is the you are probably the best person to provide a credible and professional reference for any of your students looking to land there first job.


Is validation the key


The reference check is not high on any employers check list, it is however the final box that they tick, right before making a decission to employ. So why do they do it?

 One Word - Validation

As an educator, you can give your students the confidence they need to land there first interview or even their first job. It is your unbiased validation as an educator that employers are looking for, not mum or dads.


“Absolutely, students need
all the help they can get”


This was the answer to the following question:

“Hypothetically, you are a lecturer at university would you be prepared to upload a video reference of your students”

It just makes good sense for educators to do this for there students, so we went further and validated this idea by surverying 500 Small to Medium Business Owners.

Download the Video Is In, Resumes Are Out Survey at the bottom of this page. 


Can I Borrow Your Smartphone?


When was the last time you heard that.  Smartphones are here to stay and so is the need to validate potential employees.

As an Educator, you opinion and your insight, single handely have the ability to provide all the validation that is needed for any student to be shortlisted for an interview. 

So imagine never having to write another reference letter again or miss a reference check becuase you were in a lecture.  Or worse, find out your student did not get shortlisted becuase the hiring manager could not get in contact with you. 


Informational Social Influence


Or Social Proof to the rest of us. It is also the reason we do reference checks.  

Employers are unsure as to what decission to make in regards to offering someone a position in there company, so they will often look to others for cues to validate there decission to employ they have just invited for an interview. 

As their educator, you have the ability to provide all the validation that is needed for any of your students to be shortlisted and validated.  Thats great Social Proof.


Tailor Made For Each Student


We all know that all students are not created equal, some are on time, some are late, some don’t evern turn up to class but that is a choice.

However each student will display unique strengths and weaknesses which you will have experienced as an educator to them over there years of study.

It is your professional experience as an educator to many that qualifies you to create tailormade references for each student by simply using your SmartPhone.  Here how...  


Video Character References
are Validation


As an educator, you can wait for a student to ask you for a reference or you can create a unique Video Character Reference (VCR for short) and send it direct them.

 Either way, it will only be seen by you or your student until they decide to apply for a job and chose o share your VCR and send it to the employer for them to view via the app. All this happens without makeing one phone call or touching a pen.

You have Validated - View the Video Character Reference in Action


Secure, Private and Trusted


What is the purpose of creating a unique Video Character Reference for one of your students, only to have it copied, viewed or posted all over social media for anyone to see or download.  It would not have any purpose any more, it would not be unique, it would not be trusted.

Only in the FreeFace app can you, your student or there potential employer view the VCR All VCR are stored in the cloud not on your phone, so that gives you peice of mind your VCR wont be around ten years, long after you and your students have moved on.

FreeFace gives you the referee absolute control on viewing and availability.


Educators + STUDENTS


If you have had a chance to look around our website, you would have seen that FreeFace is a triple sided market place of jobseekers, hiring managers and referees.  

In our eyes, educators are untapped, extremely credible references and without you and your Video Character References, there is no FreeFace. 

A millennial change is here and we are providing innovative disruption to the way we shortlist and validate jobseekers, especially your own graduating students.

If you can see yourself or your colleagues adopting FreeFace and want success for your students, then we want to hear from you and want you to start using FreeFace.

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