“It’s so annoying and time consuming giving, getting and recieving references”


Sound familiar? Let’s face it, the entire process is broken from top to bottom. Missed calls, no calls, different timezones, wrong numbers, on hold, call backs, no call backs and of course are they relevant.


   So why do we still do it?   One word - Validation


For six weeks you have been trying to recruit someone and then from out of nowhere, you find the best person ever.   Life gets easier from hear on in, right? 

You want them to start tomorrow, they are perfect, but that perfection creates an itch you can’t ignore. No one can be this perfect, so you start the validation process to put your mind at ease by checking there references.


Ground Hog Day.
Just do the reference check?

If you are like most of us it is a mix of both, you spend your day juming from meeting to meeting.  Your clients, your customers and your staff just want more and more of your time.  It’s just not on your radar.

Instead of prioritising and finding time, you leave the reference check for the drive home. Suprise suprise they don’t answer an unknown number and you promise yourself you will do it first thing tomorrow but hey that never happens.


“I wanted to give you the job but your references just didn’t check out”


Two weeks have passed, six missed calls and you finally get hold of the previous employer.  Your world comes crashing down. “Captain Perfect” is not so perfect.  There what! A kleptomaniac.

Not exactly the person you want running your newly opened retail outlet.


If aint broke, don’t fix it.
What the!


 Hang on a second, the reference check or the validation of who we are dealing with is probably the most important step in the process of bringing someone into your team, your business and your life.

We could not beleive we were alone in this thinking, so we surveyed 500 Small to Medium Business and 500 Jobseekers to get there opinion.

Download the 2016 FreeFace Survey by Pledging your name and email below. If you can share your Twitter handle and country that would be awesome too.


Why not buy me a drink and then I will tell you my name. *
Why not buy me a drink and then I will tell you my name.
We can not buy you a drink over the internet but we can give you the results of the 2016 FreeFace Survey.
A Global App, needs a Global Audience, where you at?

Is the solution, already
in the palm of your hand


We think so, we all have one and 78% of us have it with in three feet of us 24 hours a day.  Yes you guessed it, a SmartPhone.  If they are so smart then why are we still giving and getting references like we did back in the 80’s.

Why are we not taking full advantage of all the features of the smartphone, the front facing camera, the high resolution screens and crystal clear audio quality.


Welcome to Never Never Land,
a place of fantasy and imagination


Imagine if you could give or get a reference with out making one phone call or view a video statement from a candidate whilst on the train to work. Then magine being able to watch three references from three shortlisted candidates prior to the interviews you are about to have when you arrive at work.

It all sounds like fantasy but a solution is on the way, lets take a look...


Video Character Statements
are Personality and Character


VCS for short is the way we should be shortlisting potential employees for interviews don't you think? Relying on a generic cover letter or a beautifully crafted resume to determine if this person is the right person for the job is just so archaic.

Its the personality and character that makes each candidate unique, its what makes them human and thats what you are going to employ.

Shortlist Complete - View the VCS in Action


Video Character References
are Validation


So you like the Video Character Statement you see and hear on your iPhone, and your ready to ask them in for a interview.

Lets pause there and go one step further. Tap the cloud icon on every VCS and immediatley check there references by simply clicking the play button and swiping left or right to view a candidates references.

Validation Complete - View the VCR in Action


Blood, Sweat and Fears,
we are building an App


Yeah, Yeah we know, its 2016 and it is not that ground breaking news for anyone in Silicon Valley but for us its terrifying and exilerating, thats why we are doing it.

With that same feeling you get when going on a first date, we have completed a full scope of works, engaged with a developer and poised to begin development, we just need to a little help form you.


you +technology
= freeface


Your pain is our pain, shortlisting and reference checks are costly, hard work and very time consuming. This is why we want to build you an efficient, timely and relevant solution to allow you to validate and shortlist a candidate prior to them arriving at your office.

For this to happen we need your help.  Not in the form of money or pre-orders but in the form or a Pledge, a one line pledge that you want change, you want FreeFace.

So you are a savvy hiring manager or an employer who openly adopts new technology, we want to help you drive your business forward. 

Pledge. Share. Support.