“I have great references, I never get a chance to show them, I never get shortlisted”


We understand, you are applying for a job because you have set a skills that makes you perfect for the position and you even have the references to prove it.

Yet hiring managers are basing there decission to shortlist you for an interview based on a resume template released by Microsoft Word, way back in 1985. What the crazies!




As a hiring manager you can receive up to 500 resumes for one position.  After the first 50 you get “resume blindness” but seriously every resume that comes via post or email looks exactly the same; education, career and lastly references.

Even the cover letters sound the same with words like loyal, trustworthy, passionate, professional - who talks like that.


But how can you stand out
in the crowd?

Contrary to popular belief, employers are not looking for robots or clones well not yet anyway.  Primarily they are looking to employ people who have a willngness to learn, to accept challenges and find solutions to problems they may encounter.

Secondly you are probably not going to work alone but in a team or perhaps even lead your own team.  Employers need to know you are the right mix for the business.

Your personality and character will do that.


A great reference
builds trust in you!


To a jobseeker, you might think a reference is a waste of time and effort as no one does a reference check these days.  This may come as a shock but they do.  Here is why.

One word - Validation.

Employers can not take it on face value that what you have submitted in your resume or cover letter are accurate and correct. A great reference builds trust in what you have written.  In an employers eyes, it almost looks like you are trying to hide something if you do not supply at least one reference. 


Survey Says,
“References are Important”


Still need convincing, thats great because we surveyed 500 Small to Medium Businesses and asked them a few questions about validation and reference checks. 

Amazingly over half of all SMB employers believe that a resume with previous employer references is the most important part of the hiring process.

We could not beleive we were alone in this thinking, so we surveyed 500 Small to Medium Business and 500 Jobseekers to get there opinion.

Download the Video Is In, Resumes Are Out Survey at the bottom of this page.


Going Somewhere?


You have just given your notice at your current job, Maybe you are leaving because you have another job, maybe you hate your job or your are just going travelling for a year.  What ever the reason, do not leave without your references.

Your current boss, your colleagues and even some of your clients will be more than willing to give you a reference, and probably a great one. Our advice is simple, get a reference when you leave not twelve months down the track.  


  Social Media oR  Social Proof


One and the same really these days, however Social Proof has been around long before the development of Social Media.  Fanastically all Social Media channels use Social Proof as a mechanism to drive people to like, post, follow and review.

Another example is the $20 cover charge you pay to get into a night club that you have qued out front for over an hour to get into, only to find out it is empty inside.  If there was no sue, would you have gone in? This is Informational Social Influence.

To the rest of us it is Social Proof. Lets use Social Proof and get you shortlisted. 


Video Character Statements
are 'YOUR' Personality and Character


VCS for short.  Don't you think this is the way hiring managers should be shortlisting potential employees for interview.  Instead they are having to rely on your cover letter and resume to determine if you are the right person for the job. How is that right?

It is your personality and character that makes you unique.  It is what sets you apart from everyone else.  It is what will put you on top of their shortlist.

Shortlist Complete - View the Video Character Statement in Action


Video Character References
are Validated SOCIAL PROOF


Your personality and character have got your foot in the door, lets push it wide open and give your potential employer the validation they need.  Lets allow them to see and view your references upfront not weeks after your interview. 

All the hiring manager has to do is Tap the Cloud icon on your video and immediately they can view all your references right on their Smart Phone.

Validation Complete - View the Video Character Reference in Action


A long time
between drinks


A person who has been unemployed for a long time may have a hard time finding a new job.  Even if you are highly skilled and qualified, the longer you are unemployed, the less chances you have of getting a job.

Potential employers attribute wrongly the person’s lack of employment to the person rather than the situation.   That is Social Proof you don’t want.

Get References. Get Validated. Get Shortlisted.


= FreeFace


Personality, Character and References is what you will be able to deliver, right into the palm of any potential employer via the FreeFace App.

As a new or seasoned jobseeker, you will be able to provide a short 60 second Video Character Statement about yourself and up to three Video Character References that are timely, relevant and most importantly validation of who you are and You Are Unique.

That is the way you should be shortlisted don’t you think? If so, then we want to help you get your foot in the door and a seat at the table to be interviewed for the position you just applied.

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