For this to work you have to imagine that you are either a Venture Capitalist trying to find the next big thing, a journalist who likes writing about startups that have a great idea or someone who just inherited millions from an uncle who just passed away and wants to get into the start up scene.

Before we dive into a full Q & A session, lets get some clarification on what is Disruptive Innovation from the guys at Harvard Business School.


Do you Think FREEFACE
IS a disruptor?


Yes, it is.  As explained in the video, a disruptive innovator provides a low cost alternative with a basic offering that provides customers and users with what they need, not what they think they will need. FreeFace does all this. 

Our customers are small to medium business owners who don't have the resources to spend thousands on recuitment every time the need to hire a new employee.

Our users are jobseekers and referees, all of which have no solution to the problem of giving, getting and receiving references.


Who do you think will
be disrupted by FreeFace.


We are not trying to be disruptive, we just want to innovative.  Thats what FreeFace is about. We want to help people find work, we want to make it easier for them to stay motivated when they receive rejection.

On the employers side, we know from first hand experience how frustrating and expensive it can be to find new staff.  It was from our our pain that the idea for FreeFace came.  It was just so time consuming and expensive to get a candidates references or understand if they were going to be the right person to interview  the job based on a resume.


What Do You Mean
“Motivate Jobseekers”


Finding work is very hard, even harder is trying to stay motivated to keep applying for jobs.  FreeFace will help provide that motivation from your previous employers and educators who can create a Video Character Reference for you.

It also has a feature built into the app that gives the jobseeker notification of when a video has been viewed, or if there is any activity on any of there applications they have sent of. 


It sounds quite viral,
was that your intention?


No, it wasn't but it did not take long before we realised FreeFace is a triple sided marketplace of employers, jobseekers and referees.  Fundamentally for it to work you need to get in contact with a previous employer to get a reference and then once you have that you have to send it of to your potential employer, who might forward that on to a college to get their opinion.

Each time you do that, you are introducing another person to FreeFace and its features.  If you are an employer who has never seen it, you might get a jobseeker sending you a link there videos. At that point hopefully they will remember to use it next time one of their staff asks for a reference.   


How did you
VALIDATE the Idea?


Like everyone we had an idea so we started talking to friends and family.  So we then expanded to small business owners in hospitality and retail. We realised they were going to be customers and that we needed to start talking to some users.

We broadened our face-to-face interviews and started talking with students and jobseekers who were either still in job or were looking for work. Someone then said have you talked to any recruiters.  At first we though they might hate the idea however once we showed them the prototype, they wanted it straight away.  

In total we competed about 100 face-to-face interviews and surveyed a 1000 people on line.  Face-to-face was by far the best return on investment.


SO You HAVE built a prototype, can we see it?


Of course, it has been made with Flinto.  We have found it really good to put in peoples hands so the get real like feel of using FreeFace.  It does not have the full functionality of video but it has all the features.

Can we take a look?  Sure can, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will send you a link to your mobile to download it on to your iPhone or Android device.


Are You Developing this yourself?


If by developing you mean coding and programming, that is not my strength, my strengths are in design, marketing and managing the business.  Knowing this we are looking to partner or contract with a development team to build the IOS, Android and Content Management System for FreeFace.

It opened our mind to a whole range of technical issues we had not considered, however all was resolved and a few weeks later we finalised a Full Scope of Works for our MVP.


When is Development Starting?


Great question. Got a million bucks. Seriously though we have designed and prototyped a world class app with a minimum feature set, it just has a world class cost to complete. We don't want to just put another app on the app store just because we can, we want to create value for our users and customers.

We are actively looking for early adopters and millennial disruptors to throw their support behind FreeFace and pledge there email. This way we can get there insights into what they need rather than what we think they need.

Ultimately,  FreeFace will be shipped in 2016.




Or just because you saw it on the internet does not make true either.  This is why we can back up everything that we have said and a whole lot more, with actual documentation, reports, and analytics.  

So if by chance you are a Venture Capitalist looking for the next big thing, a journalist wanting to write an article on a startup that has a great idea or you just came into a truck load of cash, we would be more than happy to talk face-to-face, over the phone.

Or perhaps we can share one or all of the following documents with you*.  For that to happen we need to validate who you are, so please fill in your details and we will be in contact with you in 48 hours.

Name, Logo and Tone - The story and tone behind the brand.

Corporate Identity - Its all done, letterhead, with comps even T-Shirts and beer coasters.

MVP Brand Guidelines - A pixel perfect, snap to grid guide to the IOS 9.X design.

MVP Scope of Works - From AWS to Twillio, it's fully scoped and documented.

First Year Marketing Plan - A 52 week email and social media marketing plan.

Survey Says - 500 Jobseekers and 500 SMB Survey Results.

Users and Customers - A strategy to acquire both.

Executive Summary - A one pager that covers most topics.

Business Plan - Excel on steroids, P & L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow.

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