“I KNOW I SHOULDN'T BUT I leave reference checks until after the time of hire"


Does this sound like you.  It does not sound very professional.  We are not judging, we understand that more often than not, this is the case.

In a world of interconnectivity 24/7, why are we still waiting to do references check after you candidates have been shortlisted. Or worse, why are you leaving it until after the time of hire and your client asks “how did there references check out”.

Why? The simple answer is cost and time.


We are doing the reference checks right now!


First of all, who is “we”?  We all know it's you.

Secondly, if only doing a reference check was so immediate. Unfortunately a reference check can take anywhere between one day if your lucky or up to six weeks becuase most previous employers do not see doing a reference check as a priority of their business.

Why would they, the candidate you are doing reference check for has already left the company. Not to mention the referee might be on holidays, in a different timezone or just to busy in their day job to take a phone call from an unknown number.


Why Does Your Client Want It?
One Word - Validation

Employers want independent advice about the superstar you have put forward.  They also know that  candidates “embellish” certain items on there resume and some instances they just lie to right to your face.

Reference checks allow you to explore the ‘grey areas’ on a resume, subsequently providing validation for you and your client that your superstar candidate, actually worked for that international clothing label.


Just because it is written does not make it true


Especially if you read it on the internet, it is so anonymous.

There are so many tools to provide us with the validtion we need to make a decision about a candidate, yet when it comes to shortlisting, we thumb through a pile of resumes that use a 31 year Microsoft Word template.  

For the adventurous recruiter you might click through a few social media pages or we try and loosely validate a person on LinkedIn because they say they have 500+ connections but is this not just the candidate stalking people they want to be or or know.

Work ethic, personality or character can not truly be determined this way as perceptions differ from person to person.


Your Perception is Reality, or Is It?


Your perception of a candidate is ulitmatley going to be different from your clients.

A better solution would be to allow your clients to see what you see and provide upfront validation of the shortlisted candidates prior to the hire.

We thought so but we could not beleive we were alone in this thinking, so we surveyed 500 small to medium business owners and asked them if this would be of value.

Download the 2016 FreeFace Survey by Pledging your name and email below. If you can share your Twitter handle and country that would be awesome too.

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Why not buy me a drink and then I will tell you my name.
We can not buy you a drink over the internet but we can give you the results of the 2016 FreeFace Survey.
A Global App, needs a Global Audience, where are you recruiting?

Hands up if you "don't" own a SmartPhone


You’re a recruiter, of course you do, you live on your smartphone. If you are an American, you collectively check your phone 8 Billion times a day.

What about turning your smartphone into an Uber Tool that allows you to collect and manage references from any candidate 24/7 without making one phone call.  Better still what about colllecting and collating a library of your favourite candidates based on their personality, character and work ethic. All this in the palm of your hand.


Can I order a Double Shot, 3/4, Decaf Skinny FlatWhite with Half a Sugar


Fantasy or not, if you ask your local barista for one of these, he will probably stab you in the eye with his beard. So instead imagine sitting in your local cafe, ordering a coffee and by the time it arrives at your table, you have been able to view three references from three potential candidates.

It all sounds like fantasy but a solution is on the way and you have not even had your first caffe latte, lets take a look...


Candidates + Video = Savings


View a 60 Second Video Character Statement (VCS for short) of an individual or group of candidtes is by far the best way you can determine your shortlist. Need more information - tap, type and send your request to one or all of your candidates.

Why 60 seconds, research tells us that we only need 7 seconds to make a great frist impression. The other 53 is about their personality and character.

Shortlist Complete - View the VCS in Action


References + Video = Effeciency


Coffee in one hand, SmartPhone in the other and you have just viewed the VCS of 8 candidates. Lets get some validation, Lets watch some references.  

Tap the cloud icon on each candidates VCS and watch up to three referees provide Video Character Reference (VCR) about the candidate applying for a job.

No references attached send a request direct, save to favourites, delete or share with your client, its up to you. That's supercharged efficiency.

Validation Complete - View the VCR in Action


for you, your candidates and THEIR references.


Initial design and prototyping had us thinking FreeFace was only suited to front facing service industries like retail and hospitality.  Awesomely, recruiters in engineering, design and other white collar professions have expressed interest.

So with that same feeling you get when you have an job interview, we have completed a Full Scope of Works and will begin development in July 2016.

We just need to a little help form you...


So what type of recruiter are you?


Contingency, Retained, Outplacement, Specialist or Staffing Agency Recruiter, if you are anyone of these, we know your pain.  Shortlisting and validating a candidate is costly and time consuming. Did we mention frustrating?

It is problem worth solving and this is why we are developing solution to allow you to validate and shortlist a candidate prior to them arriving at your office. 

We need early adoptors and more importantly we are looking for Uber Recruiters to be part of the Beta Testing of FreeFace. Sound like you?

For this to happen we need your help, we need you to Pledge Your Support or send us a an email direct to recruiters@freeface.co

Pledge. Share. Support.