Day 1 - build website


If you are reading this Day 1 has passed , our website is live (we went live on 1st September 2016) and we are now creating content. Unlike most startups our content is not about self promotion, however if you want that, head over to our About page.

We want our content to be relevant to what FreeFace is; getting shortlisted, getting references, and ultimately getting a job. Each week will be roaming the street, talking to some randoms and with there permission doing a short Q and A.


Why 6T Seconds?


60 minutes is already taken and way to long, so we decided on 6T Second Interview.

It is a lot easier to ask time poor business owners if they have a space minute rather than five to answer a few questions. 6T Second Interview just sounds very cool.  It also makes for a great bit of branding, check out the image at the bottom of this page.

And not by coincidence a 6T Second Interview is is exactly the time the FreeFace app will give you to create a Video Character Statement and/or a Video Character Reference.

See them in action at 7 Days of FreeFace.





If you are a SMB, we want to hear about all you pain points when trying to shortlist and recruit new staff for your business. What you look for in a candidate and most of all what do you think is the most important attribute you look for in new staff. 

JOBSEEKERS and students

You may be a student now but in a year or two you will be looking for work. We want to hear your fears, discover what you think makes a great employer and how do you think you find your dream job.


Each day, hundreds of resumes come into your inbox, and each day hundreds of resumes go straight to the trash.  We want to know your pain points in the recruiting cycle, what makes a resume stand out and how do you chose candidates to be shortlisted.

Interested and live in the Melbourne area? 

If you have the time, we will come to you, we just need your name. *
If you have the time, we will come to you, we just need your name.
Not something from the Karma Sutra, just a little about you.

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