“How am I supposed to get SHORTLISTED or even an interview without any references"


Graduation is looming, reality just to kicked in, you need to get job. The first thing you do is create an amazing cover letter, craft an amazing resume and even create a website.

Your world comes crashing down, every job you find online wants three professional references.  You have not even graduated, are they serious? 'They' sure are.


Mums the word,
but not a reference.


Attaching a reference on a blank piece of A4 paper printed on your laser printer and signed by a person who has the same surname as you will ring alarm bells for any employer.  

Even asking mum to use her maiden name to help you get a phone call from a prospective employer is still not a good thing to do. What happens when she is asked “what is your relationship with this person”. Do you really want your mum to lie?


Shortlist to

Your last four years have been studying analytical chemistry so why are you submitting references from a teacher you had in high school five years ago.

It is pretty much a given that if an employer sees a reference that is not relevant or timely, you resume will be moved from the shortlist to the shredder.

References need to be relevant timely to the job you are applying for.


"Why give a reference,
it’s such a waste of time"


Attention all graduates - Don't think like this!

It is real easy to think this way, expecially if you have never employed anyone, so lets take a look as to why employers do references checks.

One word - Validation.

Employers need to validate the person behind the resume, employers need to put there mind at ease that you are the right person for the job and you have the right type of work ethic for the environment you are about to start working in.


Still not


What if we were to show you? We surveyed 500 Small to Medium Business owners and asked them a few questions about validation and reference checks.

You will be surprised to know that over half of all SMB hiring managers believe that a resume with previous employer references is the most important part of the hiring process.  

We could not beleive we were alone in this thinking, so we surveyed 500 Small to Medium Business and 500 Jobseekers to get there opinion.

Download the Video Is In, Resumes Are Out Survey at the bottom of this page. 


Have you tried looking
under your pillow?


You won't find a good reference under your pillow, you may find your Smart Phone. With a little help from FreeFace, you can use this as a tool to get references that are relevant and timely from the people who know you best (and it is not your mum).

What about a reference from your Professors at University or some of the team you collaborated with on that Science project.  Even the cafe owner where you worked every weekend for four years whilst you completed your degree.

All these people and many more are relevant and timely references.


Knock Knock - Whose There?
Social Proof!


Never heard of social proof?  We can guarantee you are using it everyday you like a post, read a review, follow a tweet or even line up to get into a night club.

Social Proof is the back bone of social media, it gives us validation that the product or service we are about to buy is the best available.

 Isn't a reference just that; Social Proof that you are you?


You + Video =
Video Character Statement


Why rely on the same cover letter and resume format that every other graduate is using. A Video Character Statement (VCS for short) is the best way to help you be shortlisted.

Just like your finger print, You Are Unique, so how can an employer looking at hundreds of resumes determine that you are the right person for the job. Is it not your personality and character that sets you apart from everyone else.

You've Been Shortlisted - View the VCS in Action


Video Character References


Not an umpire at the football, a referee is by far the best way to validate who you are, especially if you have worked with them, worked for them or collaborated with them.

So imagine an employer has just watched your VCS whilst having their morning coffee and they like what they see, they can simply Tap the Cloud and view a series of three unique Social Proof videos all about YOU.  Thats a Video Character Reference. 

You've Been Validated - View the VCR in Action


Graduated and
all Grown Up


How fun is FaceBook, how addictive is FaceBook however is that photo of you passed out in a Winnie The Pooh Onesie at the Big Day Out.  Really is the first impression you want to give a new potential employer or hiring manager.

What about LinkedIn, thats an online version of your resume, with a button you can just keep clicking to get 500+ connections. How is that validation of you who you are.

It is reasons like this we have created FreeFace but first we need a little help from you.


Students + FreeFace
= Disruption


Disruption is a word used these days like quotes from Steve Jobs and just because you are a Start Up does not mean you can call yourself disruptive..

We have an innovative idea that connects students and employers direct. FreeFace puts your personality, character and references upfront not hidden behind a lifeless and faceless resume.  FreeFace puts a hold on the cold call reference to a previous employers.

That is the way you should be shortlisted don’t you think? If so, then we want to help you get your foot in the door and a seat at the table to be interviewed for the position you just applied.

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